Good morning sunshine! Thought I'd try something different today and write a little here before my 2nd cup of coffee. Sitting on the front porch like some old man...(??) Had to laugh during my affirmations - One dog scratching at the door to get back in, and the other trying to hug me sorta breaks concentration, or does it? I think God knows it was funny, anyhow.

Yesterday after a full day of finishing the floor in the new rehearsal pit, a most excellent meeting, my phone kept ringing until I found myself in front of some new folks at the blues jam downtown.... many blues players, but I wanted to mention how cool it was to see some younger guys there, one named Andrew who is a really good blues guitarist, carrying it on with honor. I hope to run into him again and jam some more. The pizza was so good I didn't get his number when they left....

Now.... Just a short rundown on this coming thursdays schedule. 8am: Clear 101.7fm interview with Sarina Sloan; 4pm meeting with Heather & Lisa @ The Riverhouse; 6:30 - 8:30 Duo with Scott Foxx at a private party downtown; 10pm: [Scoots Bar & Grill in Sisters with Leif James & Jimmy Joe::::::Scoots CANCELLED sorry]

Love to you all!


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