Hey gang! First off, happy birthday to my sister Bitt, who I love very much. I'm not sure what Linda's last name is now, but happy birthday to you also! Something interesting seems to be happening...(what's new??) From the ancient history of Ferndale - within the last two weeks, I have connected again with my first best friend Mike Decker, his younger sister Jolene and Carol Stewart who lived across the street, and a couple weeks ago - Don Austin who grew up on 8th street, too! I guess these things happen when you live this long. Cool.

Had another unique jam last night... I got there early and started messin' around with some blues licks and pretty soon Spike Vaughn, Dave Andrist and Richard McCarty were all sitting out by the dance floor playing percussion.....yeah! So, it was one electric guitar and three drummers for the first set which consisted of me changing my style (being out-numbered!) and marching through some old tunes with completely new arrangements: "Rock Mode" was very good, and "Dem Dam Drums" which is a yet-to-be recorded song I think will be on the next CD.  STORY: [One day and night a long time ago - Bud and Marie had left the house to me, during a time when Greg Nelsons dad was close to passing. Greg was between his former woman and his new woman, and they both showed up at Grannys. Consequently, Greg stayed behind the drums for many hours, safer there. Sensing a long and potentially messy session, we laid plywood down over the living room carpet and set up the band and started jamming and drinking and carrying on suchly through the wee hours.... I am thinking Bill Jansen was there and I couldn't tell you exactly who all else, but by six the next morning, Sam Clausen came up with the missing lyric for our new song. "Could be good day comin' - Could be not."] Isn't that a great line? Well, I think it is. :-) I do have some experience from working with Sam & John Densmore on de-coding lyrics written whilst drunk....ref: "A Lick And A Promise" album.

ANYWAY - Back to last night - Pancho finally showed up, and Sam Smith, Dave Andrist, Spike Vaughn on percussion and me on bass ......had a pretty good jam, until after about the 4th or 5th song my right arm fell off and landed on the stage between me and Pancho, we all stared for a second in amazement, and after the laughter subsided, the sheriff helped me and the guys put it back on and we finished the set. Feeling pity for me, Sheriff Rick Speaks consulted mild-mannered Eddy Speaks (who had been hiding in the break room) and they excused me early from sunday night jam class. My arm is fine this morning.

By the way. I now have a Youtube channel and have some new videos up and more coming. http://www.youtube.com/user/rlindstrom0508



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