Hello everyone - And a very special birthday wish for my son, Jason Humphrey. I love you and I am very proud of you. Just put the ball in the hole, son. And another special birthday wish to Adrian Jensen, my friend Sharon's son. Keep up the good work guys. I want to wish Shawna (ol what's her name) a speedy healing recovery from her little side trip, and the same to John Dooley, who is recovering from the swine flu. Yesterday's "last' mixing session was taken over by digital gremlins. After thursday's great productions which resulted in 8 of the 11 tracks being finished, as well as two of the last three songs on friday, the system froze up a couple times on the very last song, and we decided to wait till monday morning to wrap up the mixing and mastering. Today, me and my brodder Yorgy drove up to Castle Rock, WA and picked up the remainder of my belongings left there from our 2006 - 2007 tour. Along with Sam Clausens 1964 Zildjian cymbal that I borrowed three years ago. Thanks to Ted Moline bigtime. Thanks to John Dooley and Trish and her dad, too. I read a sort of proverb that stated "A Rolling Stone gathers no moss, but leaves behind a trail of broken stuff". Ya think? Namaste' BL

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