It's a sunny day here in Oregon, and I'm heading out into the world with a few brand-new "Hungry, Cold And Blue" CDs, written and performed by..........the infamous ELKHORN EXPRESS. Yep, Yorgy, Sven and Oly are at it again. That on it's own is enough to cause gratitude for me! Tonight it's another fun night for me: Bluesday. @ Joe's Honky Tonk. Downtown Coos Bay, Tioga Hotel, 2nd floor. (So you people who insist on making my phone ring at 5:25am and don't talk can meet me in person if you prefer) Starts at 9pm. Come on down. Namaste' BL p.s. The song files on the music page have not been updated yet. Did you know one of my new alias' is Mr. Spare Time ?

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