YEEAAAHH! Yesterday, just after an exhausting shameless self-promotional tour of about 6-7 bars in the area of Pfleugerville, Taylor, and north side of Austin, acoustics in the trunk which stayed there, passing out the promo that survived the trip through 5 states, came home kinda bewildered to regroup, remembering not to give up before the miracle, the phone rang and we accepted our debut audition on the main stage at Headhunters in downtown Austin. Kicked every butt available, packed up and came back to Lisa Shelton & Bret's in Taylor. *Lisa Peck to those of you from Coos County....her mom works in the Hall Building for KBDN 96.5 fm.....and just happened to mention to me when we were there that her daughter knew me...lives in Austin...and maybe we should send her a CD.....Murray, Juice, Cooper, Garse and me are camped up here and still rubbing our eyes. This is our next miracle. Garse, the drummer who was with me in Elkhorn, the infamous barn dances of Coos River, biker parties and all the rest riding shotgun barreling down I35 towards the music capital of the world like a snake in a hose, looks over at me and says...are we really here, Schmonson? Yep. I'm working on getting you all (Y'all) some pix up soon. The BIGGEST thanks to all who spiritually feed us through Our Soul. God Bless you and Namaste' BL

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