Namaste' - Comin' to ya from the office in The Legends Bar. Just about a week ago, after a stop in Idaho Falls for repair of Murray's headlight switch, tail lights on Coop's pick-up, flat tire and new lights for the U-Haul, continued to Evanston, Wyoming, where Charlie and me and "Juice" spent the night while John, David and Garse bravely mushed ahead to Rawlins, facing their night time blizzard about 15 hours ahead of our daylight version the next day. Initiation of the Oregon boys also included a slight side-slide downtown and a brief foot-surveillance before carefully continuing to our KOA spot, cell phone-less with frozen waterlines. Murray says: b-b-r-r-r ! Now, after three nights of RAWKIN'', a day off and Garse asks "Where we at now, Schmonson?" "Top of the world". Well, 7000 feet seems like it. Workin' on getting some eye candy for ya soon. Love from us all. BL

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