Hello everyone! We've been having such a wonderful time this past week, we must be doing things right? Along with the sad news of Bert Sanders, Fred Girt and Pat Rutheford passing, we have been meeting lots of people, playing lots of music, camping, BBQ-ing, driving, fishing, swimming, and getting the last tastes of summer '10. There are so many folks to thank so I will mention some. First is our very own war hero and good friend Rob Boyce and his beautiful woman Melissa, along with their close friends, who welcomed us and adopted us in Keizer. You folks are amazing, we love you all and will see you again. Robs place has a big cornfield behind it, and he made sure he sent us to our next location with over a hundred ears of corn for Bill and Barbie Leslies' Lone Pine Ranch Campout. There we were also welcomed and adopted as family, played a lot of music for days, and like Robs place, we were also filled with the most excellent food, spirits, stories (some true), poker tournaments (I'll pass), volleyball, fresh homegrown veggies & homemade jerky while the close-to-holy aroma of native Myrtle trees danced around us. It was hard to leave, but we finally did and then spent 2 nights and days at Sharons dad Waz's place, got skunked trolling for Chinook in the Coquille river, but felt completely happy just to have taken in the gorgeous scenery from the rivers view, the ranch where Wally Wallberg, Tom Kimm, Mike Anderson & I rehearsed back in the early 70's, ate psychedelics, drank opiated absenth, tripped to Allman Brothers and Steve Miller music and cut some teeth we hadn't expected. From the Riverton boat ramp, close to the now-world-renowned Clausen wood production art gallery & home (what memories there!) past the smokestack of the old Riverton river boat, of which only the top 6 feet is still above ground at the edge of the river.....to where Bear Creek enters the Coquille, the cabin of Mike and Betty Jo Ray where maybe my very first childhood memory lives...way, way too much I could write about. It's hard to be grateful enough for what I have now.....I hope you enjoy my sharing. Thanks.



p.s. God, please send my love to everyone who still feels the pain from the horribly stupid and wasteful attacks on the twin towers in New York City 9 years ago. Thank You. Amen.

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