Hello all you curious Rock N Rollers! Whatcha been up to? Really? That's great to hear! Who me? Oh, just doin' some gigs and grouping up my ducks, stuff like that. Well, Elkhorn has been kickin' some butt up 'round Saragosee. Yeah, The Homestead. Joe's Honky Tonk. Walts' Pourhouse. I've been hosting the Bluesday Night Jam @ The Tioga for while, you oughta come check it out. Some really good players have been showing up. Guys from Seattle and all over. You should really hear the Speaks brothers. Them guys kick ass. When Rick gets on that pedal steel look out! Garse has been showin' up and you know he's at the top of his game. Sam Smith, too and he's really sounding great these days. A guy named Skeeter, too. He's a dam good picker. And Bob Alexander and his KID. His kids' smokin'. Dave Andrist? Yeah, and he's kickin' too. Nancy McIntosh has been there, Cecelia, that harmonica player I told you about, and the girls from the Hot Tamales, man it's been great. Huh? Oh yeah, thanks! Maybe I'll see you there. Walts? Oh yeah they're hoppin'! Lotsa younger folks, like 20's & 30's crowd. Yeah, my son showed up last week. I don't get to see him a lot. Yeah, when I announced I was Jason Humphrey's dad, THEN everyone knew who I was. Haha! Huh? Yeah, the Homestead, too. I love those old wooden dance floors. We're playing there again on New Years Eve. Yeah, Elkhorn. It'll be fun. Halloween was a gas. No, I forgot to have someone take pictures dammit. I got some more recent pics I'll put up on the website. Yeah, from Portland recording Studio and Joe's Honky Tonk, etc. Well I did get one of me and Yorgy and my kid at Walts, and one of the crew at the Homestead.  We're learning to operate our new recorder, and well ya know I always kinda lose my mind when I'm playing music anyway. Oh really? Ya think? Well, I may be getting older, but I aint done yet. Maybe see ya Bluesday night.



P.S.S.S.S.T! OK-got another song file up. "Along For The Ride" is on music page. Remember, it's still a rough mix. Got some more work to do on it. But ain't that bass player and drummer great?? Peace!

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