Tonight I could almost hear Nubs singing across the river "Oh Cherry, oh Cherry oh bay-beh - Yoh oh yoh deeyo deeyo deeyo - Yeahya hea-hea-hea-hea-heah!" I wonder how many of you remember when the Rolling Stones "Black And Blue" album came out and everyone was singing this. For days Elkhorn Ranch was echoing this'd hear it from up on Hash Hill, then an answer from the orchard, then another from the south end....remember? Then everyone would go to bed and it would stop, then the first thing next morning you'd hear whoever got up first singing it was like the call of the wild. The free. Us. In tune, carrying the torch.

Thanks T-bone. Thanks Dave. Thanks everyone for sharing your spirits. Rogers was rockin. 

Namaste'      BL

p.s. Stevie Ray: Thank you. I understand and I will not let you down. Love you man.

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