Is it Thursday already?? Wow, this summer is flying by! After a great night at Pronghorn Golf Club, Bobby is gearing up for a fun weekend at the Northside Bar & Grill. The Bobby Lindstrom Band with Scott Foxx on guitar, slide guitar & fiddle, Scott Wyatt, drums & vocals and Jeff Leslie, bass, guitar & vocals round out the band with Bobby on lead guitar and vocals to make one kick-ass band. We are so lucky to have the best of the best, so ya better make some plans to mosey on over to the Northside and boogie!!  In case you need to warm up, Thursday nights are Open Mic/Jam nights, then the band graces the stage Friday and Saturday, 8:30-Midnight!

Monday, Bobby heads to Portland to go to Ohio for a week. Our great friends John & Trish Dooley are having the Grand Opening for their new club, Frankie Jo's, Home of the Main Street Blues! Bobby's going to take his arsenal of guitars (Bessie Mae, Toni Choo, and Belle) and play during their grand opening festivities. He hopes to secure some other venues in neighboring towns (Cincinnati, Dayton, Loveland) for a few nights during his stay, just for fun. We're hoping Sonny Moorman, great Cincinnati bluesman will join him on Saturday the 13th. That will be awesome...Sonny also sports a Gibson Gold Top, some blusey Converse and sings the blues, too! Yeahhhhhhh.

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