Spike says that should be another song...but he hears songs all the time...anyway, it's time to park the bus, and take a couple of doses of humbility. Could be the economy, could be God's will, could be that actually I am simply a steel orb in a giant pinball game...In the 80's when I was hangin' around Rich Kurch (John Lee Hooker's guitarist), they both lived in small trailers in Palo Alto, and I couldn't believe the great bluesman wasn't rich and livin' high on the hog, but thats the way the things go sometimes. I am learning. Or, as Michele Lundeen might say: That's the blues, baby! Anyway, I am going to be much happier not fighting the money game and most likely will be playing alot more music soon. Priorities. I got me and Penny Brown a nice inexpensive place and Bubba Loo got so crazy I had to let her out this morning, and she hasn't come back yet. She always did like the great outdoors. I hope you are all hangin' in there and will talk to you when I get this computer back online again, probably in a few days. Namaste' BL

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