Don't forget the JAMS FOR JOPLIN, June 16, Thursday from 5:00pm-10:00pm. The Bobby Lindstrom Band will go onstage at 6:00pm.

THURSDAY, THURSDAY, THURSDAY!!! $10 Bucks. You don't want to miss this, just wait till you hear the magical DRUM CIRCLE in Bobby Lindstrom Band's set...Dem Dam Drums is gonna raise your consciousness level to a thousand !! Come on out and support. If you can't come, maybe drop a little cash or check in the mail for the people of Joplin. Make it out to "JAMS FOR JOPLIN" and send it to me and I'll make sure they get it!  Or go to and donate online. PLEASE AND THANK YOU??!!!

Then Fri/Sat, June 17/18, Bobby Lindstrom Band will be at The Northside in Bend...ya might want to call the Fire Department, cuz they are gonna be ON FIRE!!!

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