Well, hello there! Nice to see you're still aboard. I agree, the ride is amazing. Seems like there's no limitaions at all to what we can experience if we just show up and do our best. I think you understand. One thing that I'm grateful for is the chance to learn what I can while I'm here. Funny, though as they say, the more I learn it seems the less I know. What I do know is that I have some faith, and sometimes very little, but it has always been enough to get me through whatever life has presented me with. The news of the world we have crammed down our throats is bad, which creates fear, and we keep buying it. The news of the Universe is good. Very good. It's also free for the seeking. If I had to make a promise, there's only one I know of I would make. [Everything's going to be all right.] Thanks for letting me share. Hope you enjoy the ride.



p.s. Oh, yeah, speaking of news, the headlines: Dave, Garse, Jardin, Ed and me had some good jamming last night....and Stevie Ray May invited me down to Bandon to lay down some tracks in his studio tomorrow....

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