Hello! Sitting in Java Jones updating the site. Internet at the crows nest is evading me. Last night I shuffled into Java Jones & right into the middle of a jam. 4 drummers & one guitar, so I evened the odds a little. I'll be here Valentines Day 10am to 1pm, sangin' some hopefully purdy songs..... Thanks for letting me sit in, folks! *PIX ON PHOTO PAGE

     Also, I sent some CDs to CD Baby that should be there very soon, so the new CD will be available 'round the world, and you'll be able to buy it from the link on this site, along with my other CDs. By the Way, if any of you want the whole enchilada, jewel case and all, lemme know. We'll take care of ya.

     AND.....Crawdaddy & Luanne: Great chatting with y'all! Will get your CD sent as soon as I can.


Namaste'    BL

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