Hey folks! Sorry, I saw something shiny and got distracted again. But I dern shure hit the Java Jones Open Mic  this evening and am still full of good spirits.

I've been coaxing my printer to work long enough to get some promo out for the Rogers Zoo gig on the 3rd. Sounds like T-Bone Stone might be coming down, and along with the lineup we got so far, it's gonna be a KICK ASS night of Rock N Roll. The band will consist of us Elks of course...Yorgy, Sven and Ole... but to add David Ford, Sam Smith and Spike Vaughn simply makes things SUPER FANTASTIC. I don't think you wanna miss this one. Details as they come. I think I better call Mr. Fred Corbett.....Fred! Oh, Frreeddd!!



p.s. Lets send out some more healing energy to Shawna, k? Thanks!

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