Hey, just sat in at Java Jones with Dave Holmes and the drum circle again...Guess I didn't realize they would be there, but my guitar knew, cuz it was in the van. I am compelled at this time to thank everyone who has been signing the guest book here, and especially Mr. Michael Anderson for the review: Coming from such an amazing musician, those words go a really long way, and I will do my best to live up to that standard. That kind of love is what keeps music alive. You people, the ones with the ears directly connected to your hearts. Keep supporting your local musicians as well as the big dogs, too. I'm sure it gets just as lonely at the top as anywhere. I also want to thank Terry Ouderkirk for the face book / You Tube hook up with his wonderful son, Bailey. There have been over two dozen views on "Hungry, Cold And Blue" in less than 12 hours. And most importantly now : Please send up your prayers, positive energy and love for the benefit of Charlie freak drummer Tony Callandrino. Their show tomorrow night has been cancelled. While you're at it, please include the same for Shawna, Brian Smith, Fred Girt....We can truly help. Do it. Namaste' BL

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