I went to Java Jones last night to drop off some posters for the new CD, and for my Valentines Day gig there, and Alexis Harris was playing. She's an amazingly talented ten year old singer/sonrwriter/guitarist. When she took a break, the folks all agreed I should play for them and I happened to have my guitar in my van.... I sang a few songs, then Jered (don't know his last name), a young long haired guy sat in with me for a few more blues tunes, and before the night was through, I had agreed to come back this morning and perform the lunch hour. Then Alexis got back up and I sneaked over to the front table and accompanied her some from the sidelines. We all had a great time.... So, I should quit typing and get ready. 10am-1pm. Good coffee, food and folks. Namaste' BL p.s. I am now a member of facebook

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