Hello peoples! It is time once again for the friday open mic at Java Jones Coffee House in beautiful downtown Empire. The crowd is growing and so is the music. If you're travelling the coast of Oregon, when you get to Coos Bay or North Bend, follow the Ocean Beaches route to the Empire district. We're next to ORCoast Music, and across the street from the Post Office. It's mainly acoustic, but electric instruments with small amps will work, too. We have microphones and also a few percussion instruments available. Excellent food, coffee and people! You are welcome. 

Also, you might want to do some Rock N Rollin' a little later on...my friend Tomo and his band VOLIFONIX will be kickin' it up at the Blue Moon from 9:30 til late. It's right on Hwy 101 S. between Hall and Ingersol. See you at one place or the other! 



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