Good morning sunshines! Feels almost like I could fly out the window and join the gulls and crows and those distant flocks of little white birds that you can see only when they turn the right way. What are those anyway? I'll get some photos and vids up after while - Last night J.J.s open mic was one that didn't want to stop. You could tell by small groups of what felt like family - standing around on the sidewalk after the music inside was over - it reminded me of like when you dream and try to keep dreaming and not wake up. Bailey Ouderkirk, Jared Gordon, and Emily Garaventa (a new spirit to me) all feel like brothers and sisters to me now. The last jam was something like I had never heard and difficult to form, floating, flying, space-celtic-improvised-harmonic shredding blues-rooted stew with a rainbow at the end ....huh? Namaste' BL

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