Here it comes! This weekend is shaping up to be solid as the cold hard steel in Bud Lindstrom's truck shop. I want to start as we often do, with a prayer for those of us needing it. Silencing our silly little minds for a minute, gathering our energy in a Good Orderly Direction, embracing the fact that there are a LOT of us joining, then sending good positive healing energy to where it belongs. Anyone who needs healing, comfort, courage and/or is NOT ok at the moment qualifies to receive It. May I suggest the following: Shawna Griswold, Tony Callandrino, Brian Smith, Fred Girt, Mike Worthen; Also - all the homeless, hopeless, hungry, bewildered or victimized souls living in this world. You are not separate. We are one. So Be it. Thanks, folks.

Now, to the business at hand: This afternoon you are invited to bring your instruments and join me and my coffee house family for some more musical "show and tell" @ Java Jones (541-888-4477) in the Empire district of Coos Bay. Remember, it's mainly an acoustical jam and sing-along, small amps fit in just fine, but no big loud stuff for this one. 

Tonight, our very own man-in-the-field Michael Carrillo brings his "charlie freak" band-mates into Rogers Zoo for some funked-up soulful dancin' music. I'm going just to see if he can sing all those cool songs and play the drums at the same time!

and.....tomorrow night at Rogers looks to be a veritable rock n roll circus.......8pm to 1am. 5$ cover. The (legendary?) ELKHORN EXPRESS which basically consists of Bill Jansen, Michael Carrillo and yours truly, but throw in the mix Rock N Roll Roy Gorman, Sam Smith, Fred Corbett, T-Bone Stone (Mississippi born harmonica man); David Ford and Spike Vaughan.....who knows else.....and you got somethin! Namaste'


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