Hey gang! Can't say there's nothing happening around here. I was honored to have a local professional bring two of her clients in to Java Jones Open Mic for therapy. How great a compliment is that? Nice to meet you Lisa. Another brush with greatness was a 14 year old girl named Ally (or Elly?) that graced us with her gorgeous vocal perfomances of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"; "Unchained Melody" and a few others. Wow! Jared and Greg and Tom were also great, as usual. I wonder what those folks will think when they hear about the guitarist that sat in with Volifonix later last night. The one who broke all his guitar strings which sent the bridge flying out into the dance floor. What the....?? I just wanna say thanks to Tomo, Blake, Joe, Trevor, Elijah, Sebastian and Kinich for letting me rip a little with them. If you folks have not seen Volifonix, you are missing out. Guys, I love your band. *p.s. Sebastian took a video, but it's a little dark and vague, so before I post it, editing help anyone? This is Fred Flintstone of the USS Enterprise calling for help...

Today at 2pm at the Fishermans Grotto in Charleston (this side of the bridge) Dickie Peavey's life will be celebrated. I just talked with Mister Super Fantastic and in the same time frame (12-4) on the other side (of the bridge) at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology is the Charleston Oyster Feed! The Dale Innskeep Band will be doing their thing. That's what I'm talking about.

AND...later this afternoon Volifonix will be playing at the Black Market Gourmet, Coos Bay Mall. I think its around 5 or 6...whew...



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