...............that there's naturally going to be some CD release gigs....guess I should tell ya more: The songs of "Waiting For The Bus" and some new ones, too will be recorded by none other than the Schmedgendery ELKHORN EXPRESS sometime very soon. Like Oct 2-3-4 probably. In Steve Coates kitchen in Portland. Vids probable. Guests probable. Fun for dang sure! Therefore - By the time we play Walts Pourhouse, The Homestead and McFarlins....it'll be for sale. Those of you who wanna get your orders in ahead of time, let me know. Tonight I'm meetin' Garse and Cecelia and Nancy @ Mingus Park. Heard theres a blues band playin'. Tomorrow I'm gonna hit the Coos Bay Farmers Market and hone up these callouses. Hope all is well with you all. "Y'all" too... Namaste BL

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