Hello! Greetings and Salutations to ALL! To quote Paul Biondi, "when the dust settles"...is a good way to descibe how I am feeling after the last eleven days from the inception of our own contribution to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort, to the load-out today, it's a quite surreal feeling knowing that we really helped. Over $3,500.00 was gathered for the Salvation Army to deliver to victims. The music was wonderful. The people were happy for the most part, and although some were carrying still-born grief for the loss of friends and families, even those people felt some hope. I am just a man, like all the men and women and children who either could have been victims, people who try and help victims, or people who do not feel called to help, or unable to help. Being one who has helped, even a little, makes me a more grateful person for what I have. Words and language fall short of expression, but to the many involved: Thank You. God Bless. I will process some more, and post more thanks and credits here soon. Namaste' Bobby

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