Awright! I got into Coos Bay what, Tuesday night? Played Coos Bay Farmers Market Wed. :John Gretzinger, Terry Holiday & daughter, Kayla, Miriam Jansen, Marko & Julie, Jerry...lotsa folks! And..oyster sammiches... Thursday: Coquille Farmers Market: Fresh brown eggs, smoked tuna...mmmmmmm! Friday: Java Jones Coffee House Saturday: Java Jones, Charleston Seafood Fest. (BRET HILSABECK, who along with Lisa Peck put up with Cooper, me and Garse the whole time we were in Texas) Jeff Bull, Dave & Carolyn Hubbell, Marta & mom, Echo & family, Elaine or Eileen...dam, i sure have trouble with that gals NAME! (I love you!!), Dale Innskeep, Fred Corbett, Dave Ford, Tom Beckstrom, Shawna, Garse, Bob the dog, Daisy the dog...oh man..lotsa peeps! And...Sunday Laverne Park: Coquille High School 1969 Class reunion AND Fairfax Ascention reunion blew everything else away....Not to take anything from all the aforementioned gigs, BUT what a...a...ummm...MAN! what a trip! Thanks to George & crew from ORCoast Music, Jeff Merineau, Chuckie's Blue Moon Wobblers, Bill Heckard & crew, tooooooo many people to mention without forgetting...but: Whitewater Wally Walberg...Linda Markum... Sam Clausen won the Fairfax MVP award...oh gosh..Phil, Chris, Eve Clausens...more? Sonny our old mailman...more more more!!! I also stopped at Bobby Kennedy's campaign managers' place on the way back over the hill...George, Nelly Miguel I love you all...What a day. I'm still grinnin' OKOK...Next up is doin' some booking. Along with the Funfest weekend, it sounds like Gerald Marca (Marca Electric - Shenango fame) is going to get Elkhorn Express into Tadds in, the 11-12 of September...will let you know for sure. Also, got a call from AJ in CA...she sold out of Elkhorn CDs yesterday....what the heck is goin' on? Looks like its TIME TO RAAWWWWKKK! smile...I'll check in again soon. P.S. You folks with the cameras puh-leease send me some pics! *sign guest book & leave your email* I know there are a lot of smiles on a lot of good faces still.. Namaste' BL P.S.S. Those of you who want to buy a copy of the "Elkhorn Express LIVE w/Paul Biondi 2001 recorded at Lloyds" should get on it. They are going FAST. heh heh heh.... P.S.S.S. My Les Paul is getting it's 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 mile check-up...wait til you hear how good it sounds with BOTH pickups working! Thanks George Hoggett

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