Hello everyone - Finally got some pix up from the 1st annual Good Vibrations Bike Rally in Salem-Keizer, OR. (photo page) I'm sitting here preparing for my jump from the celebrated Crowsnest, top floor sanctuary. It will be another week or so, but I will fly with the help of God. I'm going to be staying in Central Oregon for the time being, and from what you can see of me here, it won't look much different. Manymanymanymany things going on. I have broken above a mountain of cardboard boxes, bags, baskets, bowls and "hefferdust" [much of which were designed to throw me back into the past, but I have been there & done that] and can see daylight now, and am moving toward the Light. Six years ago today, my mother passed away, in my arms, and it was the greatest honor of my life so far. Mom, Dad - I love you - See you when I get there.

This is a fantastic life. Let's see just what we can do, eh?

I love my friends and this room and this town, and I am looking forward to the future, starting east of here.



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