Talk about hard to find words. My guitar has a name now. Bessie Mae. Thanks Scrap Iron. Visited The Hotel California in Todos Santos and rang the mission bell. Saw a flock of flying fish. Jammed with a world champion harmonica player. Sang Amazing Grace with Big LLou, the voice of Sirius XM radio. Wrote a new song for the winner of the International Blues Challenge, Grady Champion Band. Ate like a King. Didn't get sea sick my first time on the ocean. Only broke two strings the entire cruise. Saw and jammed with many different members of some of the following bands: Johnny & Edgar Winter, Elvin Bishop, Irma Thomas, Low Rider Band, Los Lobos, Tommy Castro, Larry McCray - was that enough - guess not - I'll getcha some pics up soon I hope... Got two gigs this weekend: Scoots in Sisters' 9pm friday night; Elkhorn @ a haunted house in Charleston sunday 7:30pm... I can say the people on the ship seem like all brothers and sisters I hadn't met until the 17th. There's a big web being built to connect us soon, k? Namaste'


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