Hey! Is it Saturday already? Like...the 24th of October? Wow, no kidding? It's not that I'm unaware of time going by, it's just I see I haven't made an entry here since the 15th, and I have no reason. Well, other than I have been obsessing on getting the new CD done, and that's obviously not going to happen in the 2-week period that started the 1st of the month or I would have CDs in my hot little hands. But, I really like hosting the Bluesday Night Blues Jam @ Joe's Honky Tonk, so I had been driving back and forth between Coos Bay and Portland every week. This week, I had the idea in my head that I could still meet my self-devised time frame, and took Tuesday night off from the jam and did a bunch of mixing and dubbing, etc. A strange thing happened. It was my first overdose of digital song files entering my brain. I lost my perspective and it took awhile to recognize I was exhausted. Two days later, the music sounded really good again. This has got to be the reason good musicians know when to apply REST between the notes, ya think?Maybe I'll put a sample song file up so you can hear it....Would you like that? I will wait for a response, just in case anyone is actually reading this.

So now I am back in Coos Bay for a while. After last nights' late session with Rex Johnston and Steve Coates in which we got new vocal tracks on Mad X and Mystery Girl, and some new guitar licks too, (and by the way the CD is coming along FINE at it's own pace, thank you), I drove here and couldn't help walking into Joe's Honky Tonk, guitar in hand, where the talented and gracious Speaks brothers welcomed me onstage for a couple sets. Tonight...Wild Elks Stomp Rump @ Walts Pourhouse! See you there?

Namaste' BL 

p.s. it's 3:40 am...so I wont see anyone before noon...peace!


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