Today I remember and honor two of my best friends. I ask you to pray first for Laura Jo Laird, a sweet and loving girl that has always helped others. She is in Texas getting treatment for lung and brain cancer. I have known her from when we were in kindergarten together - to when she took care of my mothers cremation in 2004. God, please send our positive energies to Laura Jo now. Thank You.

Last night Linda Markum called and informed me of Matt Anspaugh passing. It took awhile to sink in. Matt was one of the kindest, most caring, understanding, and ready to help guys I have known. You may remember him as the sound man for Elkhorn. Even with his inconvenient physical state, he packed equipment without a complaint, supported and defended us, and put up with the most difficult situations we could concoct in our wildest days, and still had some of the most humorous things to say at the toughest moments possible. His spirit will live in those of us that remember. We love you, Matt. Rest in peace. We will carry on.

Thanks, folks.



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