Awright. It's like 2:30 am and I am beat and reasonably happy! Well, a little more than that, k? Melanie and the crew and people at Mcfarlins welcomed and received us with so much love, it was really great. We'll be there again for sure. Well tonight. See? I'm all dingy. haha! Anyway, Mister Carrillo lead me and my brodder Yorgy straight from Mcfarlins to Joe's Honky Tonk, and we did a HOT set...the Coos Bay crowd was right in the middle of us, and them Speaks boys just jacked everybody way up where they belong. I'm thinkin' they're shoe-ins for the next inductees as permanent and forever members of The Coos County Rolling Museum Of Natural History...what do ya say about that? Let's ROCKKK!

Man, I better hit the hay...Namaste'


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