Gearing up for the big Memorial Day Weekend, be sure and check us out FRIDAY MAY 27 @ BOND STREET GRILL, 1051 NW BOND STREET, downtown Bend, 7pm-10:30pm. SCOTT FOXX will join me for what is becoming the best match of two guitar pickers yet, plus Scott adds his fiddle and everybody gets DOWN. We are getting such a great crowd there and our music seems magical. It's fun and it's a fun place to be, just the right size, the food is really good and the staff is so nice!! It's like our new family.
SATURDAY, Scott and I will travel to BALDY'S BBQ @ 235 SW CENTURY DRIVE on the WESTSIDE for a repeat performance, 5pm-8pm. Bring your appetite for some lip-smackin BBQ, cuz once Baldy's famous aromas hit you, it's all over. And the music will kick-butt, too!! You can buy the new CD "BRING IT ON" too!
Then SUNDAY, as always, I'll be at TAYLOR'S PUB & SAUSAGE DELI for our weekly jam/open mic which is also turning into a great group of all age musicians. Bring your instrument/amp, your voice and plug into our P.A. Once again, I must say the food is scrumptious, so come hungry. I guess I only play at places where the food is delicious, must be because I love GOOD food almost as much as I love music!!  Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!



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