AW-Right! Tomorrow (thursday) the notoriously acclaimed BLBand will be together again...Chally's leaving Coos Bay, pickin' up Coop in Springfield and meeting Garse and Shawna AND Yorgi (My Brodder) in Portland to return Mr. Jansen's illustrious Fender Showman cabinet, then her south, "Buzz" home, and the band to Naches. Don't worry guys, we'll bake a cake as usual. OH - By the way Mr. M.A. Jerque: FAHGITABOUTIT...You ain't got enough money to get them back...or do you?? Hmmmmm....Maybe you'd like to make an offer? Call me at 876-5309, k? p.s. Namaste' BL p.s.s. From the camera to the MacIntosh, to a disc, to John's computer, to the website is a lot of Rigmarole and that's why we haven't got the newest or best pix up here YET.

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