Aw-right! Last night's three long sets was what I've been waiting for. After all the farmers markets and coffee houses and playing my acoustic for a couple months, my Les Paul was like driving a Cadillac on fire. Sven and Yorgi were pushin' it good, too. Ferron Crutchfield, Jay Williams, Loren, Jean, Anne & Maggie Yoakam and the rest of our long time fans soaked up the music as they always have, but now, the younger generation of Coquille knows who Elkhorn is. Thanks to Sam Clausen and Ryan for puttin' me up, and the Oregon Giant green beans, homegrown tomatoes, etc. I'm heading over to John Kings now and congratulate him for beating his cancer! I'll check back when I can, gang. Gotta Rock. Namaste' BL

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