HEY! It's cooling hour at John Dooley's. Well, sorta. 3 days of 100 degree weather, 4 gigs since thursday, each and every member of the band in good spirits and PHAT bellies add up to success on our new road. Fri-Sat nights at "Walkabout Creek Saloon" in Naches turned up a bunch of new friends, fans, and more gigs. Howard Johnsons Grand Opening July 12, right between Capones' and Whiskey Jacques to mention one. Heck, who do you think is in charge, anyway? Thursday and Sunday nights we jammed at The Woodshed at Ernie's Eagle Rock Resort, (Murray's present location). Herman, Michael, Ted, Mike, Jim-Bob, and that wild eyed harp player all contibuting to another Lit-Up session for all. Please cast your vote for either Bobby Banjitar Lindstrom or Stevie Ray Vaughn's Ghost, whoever you love the most. Send Ballots to Kia. Thank you very much. By the way, what the hell was that? Hot Damn?! A couple days off, some minor maintenance on rolling stock, load up with Walla Walla Sweets for bartering, and head for the "Waterfront Blues Fest" this thursday to meet festival booking agent, (courtesy of Brian Smith). Then on to Lakeside, Oregon to headline for the "First Annual Tenmile Lakes Poker Run", July 1 & 2. Thanks to Joe Pepper's "8th Street Grill". A note to our friends and fans everywhere: Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, and God Bless all of your happy little asses! Namaste' BL

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