Another big YES today! I am in the process of going thru my mailing list and personally asking my friends to check out this website and sign the guestbook, and a long-time friend of mine Nancy (Foster) McIntosh called as a result. Unbeknownst to me, it turns out she is doing PR for the Boise Blues Society and (a member of the board of directors?) wanted some promo on me and my band. Well, like my dad would say "what the hells' a-matter with that?" I am obviously going to send it tomorrow and see if I just might end up playing some cool gigs over her way. The idea of heading east entered my melon, so I told her if they can pay me enough money for gas to get over the Rocky Mountains, we may have a deal, all the while wondering if I can coast down the other side to Pittsburg. That's Jeanne Caprioli and Monica Solano territory, sooooo...I held a ruler on the map and drew a perfectly straight line through Boise from Coos Bay to Pittsburg. Good thing I'm not in charge of all this huh? Now, I'm about to meet the sandman and go 'round and 'round until the sun rises and the Timber Inn Blues Jam #9 consumes my being Thursday night, and Friday and Saturday nights, one of my favorite bands, the Bobby Lindstrom Band, (me and CW, Garse, and David Ford) will be ROCKIN' the very same Timber Inn Sports Bar like it was our last song, EVERY song! Hope to see you there - Namaste' BL

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