Even if I do say so myself, The Bobby Lindstrom Band's new CD "Bring It On" KICKS ASS!!  Every time I listen to it, I realize how good the music, the message, the musicians, the sound and the production really is! Thanks again to our band of brothers, Scott Wyatt, Jeff Leslie and Scott Foxx for helping get Bobby's music out there!! You guys are giants in the industry and we are honored to work with you.

Y'all can buy "BRING IT ON" with one easy click of a button on CDBaby.com and soon everywhere great CD's are sold (ITunes, Amazon, Napster, Zune, etc.)  Or send us a message. If you are looking for some really good music that will warm your soul, make you laugh and get you moving, feel it! Thank you too, universe, for bringing the music to us, the word angels strike again!!

Peace and Love,


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