The newest cd BRING IT ON is another gem in Bobby's songwriting crown, celebrating it's release this weekend at The Northside Bar & Grill in Bend.  He has outdone himself this time with 8 originals that have come to him via the "word angels" as he so spiritually calls it.  This past year has given him so many fun, happy adventures and experiences to write and sing about and it shows in these songs.  Teaming up with some of Bend's giants in the industry, Scott Foxx, Jeff Leslie and Scott Wyatt, BRING IT ON will hit you square between the eyes and get your body and soul moving. Some rock, some gritty blues and even a little reggae. Come on down to the Northside, 62860 Boyd Acres Rd in Bend and get your party on. The new cd and some groovy t-shirts will be availble for sale.

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