Hey gang - I'm thinking we should pray for Joe Pepper, k? Haven't been able to get ahold of him yet, but a benefit may be in order.

Last night it was Rock N Roll Roys' birthday at Joe's Honky Tonk, and possibly their last night for music. I took Roy a big pot of ham & beans & cornbread for the occasion and you know how darn grateful Mr. Gorman can be. The illustrious Speaks Brothers Band were on fire this whole weekend, and if you hear about music at Joe's Honky Tonk on BLUESDAY (Tuesday), THAT will be the last night and I would suggest you make it. I've never heard Rick and Eddy pouring out this kind of heat.

Made contact with Tom Fraser, booked one night there and most likely a few more coming.....there have been some other changes, too, so check the calendar and I will try and keep you posted. ROCK! (last nights pics on photo page)



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