Bobbys guided Path has introduced him to and befriended him with a cluster of Portlands musical folks since October 1, and he will undoubtedly return. This week he will again be joining the irrepressible Lady Kat True Blue for the Wednesday Jam at The Gator Room in the Southeast, then lighting up The Mock Crest Tavern Saturday night in North Portland. Then he and his amazing woman Sharon will be heading back over the mountains to their home in Bend for holiday time with gigs at Taylors, Strictly Organic, Sheldons, The Riverhouse, Ratskellers @ Mt Hood, Eagle Crest Resort for New Years Weekend, Cross Creek and Crave in Redmond Jan 6-7. Love and music to all our supporters, friends and families. 2011 has been a busy and wonderful year, and we are all looking forward to 2012!

p.s. Happy Birthday Marie Lindstrom - We love and miss you Granny.

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