Neeeeeeko! Man, what a fantastic surprise. I was lolling around the crowsnest last night ready to conk out, and Garse texted me and I just couldn't help myself. Had to go downstairs and join him and Sam and the crew one last time before our newest adventure begins. (Will fill you in soon) Lo and behold in walks Nicco Tyson and his killer harmonica vibe. We had some great blues jams. Don't know how else to explain it. You know what I mean. Nicco and me have had this strange and cool thing that when one of us comes back to Coos Bay, the other one leaves and vice versa. Every time for quite awhile. Uncanny. He's been in Africa for cryin' out loud, and started a recording studio for cryin' out loud. I really didn't get much time to find out details, but maybe I'll get more sometime soon. It's way past my bedtime, and I feel fine. Food, sleep and see ya tomorrow....peace...



p.s. two pics on photo page. g'night.

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