Soaring up over Curly Barkers Ranch, I look back and see the point of my departure, the Tioga Hotel proudly standing up through time and trial, ready for the next one hundred years. Below me, Elkhorn Ranch and all its now legendary tales, from Bill Heckard and me opting to fish for steelhead instead of going to school, to Tony Zarbanos introduction to the Coos County forest and what fun we had helping educate him. Spike Vaughans place, the barn dances, the UH-OH Squad, Spook Flanagans Studios and his Uncle Jacks tree farm, and the new generations of inhabitants of this area. The memories are too much for me, so I look ahead and I fly on - knowing a power much greater than me watches....and guides me if I allow it. I'll be back for Llamapalooza this saturday. Peace and Love.



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