Yep, it was just FINE. Last saturday afternoon me and Shirley (my new buddy) found our way to the Old Charleston school and it was rockin'! Good food, folks, music and weather. Garse & Shawna, Dave Ford, Knute, Jim, (THE Tuna Guys) * Bitt was at home for the "Burning Mom" festivities I hear...Shannon Lucas was busy as heck cuz everyone appreciated her efforts in organizing the thing....Perry, from Shannons band accompanied me on Cajon..Cameron, Greg & Polly, Libby Harrison & Tom Beckstrom and on and on....very cool to rub elbows with all these folks again. Not sure what went on after I left but me and Garse and Pancho and Darren and Earl was jammin' at Stray Cats while some of the local girls entertained us from the dance floor...woooo! Anyway, thought I'd check in while I had the chance.... Namaste' BL

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