Hello hello hello! Just had to stop in and check with ya - If I wasn't out of my mind, I'd be tired, and I guess I am, so I guess I'm not. Hmmm....well yeah! Me and a sweet lil angel met in Eugene wednesday and thursday, introduced her to my redneck friend, and we were guided to T-bone Stone. Not necessarily in that order. So, lighting up a cigarette we followed in pursuit, and found the secret cave where they obviously stashed the loot! Filling up our pockets even......naw, naw wrong story...okok... T-bone and Natty were playing Macs and I was honored to pick a few with them blues cats and loved it. That was wednesday.... ok on thursday the Hebe Jeebee bus' sinks both wrongly spewed water all over - and a plumbing job was born. We put that off and elected to accept Tbone and Carlas invite to steak and chicken BBQ dinner in Creswell, then to the Overtime Blues jam off west 11th and jammed some more. THAT was kickin! Thanks to everyone contributing. Short on sleep, long on fun, and the sweet lil angel and I parted ways for a while today, and I pulled back into Empire just in time to host the friday open mic @ Java Jones. It was likely my last gig there for a month or so, and all the peoples' hearts were drawn together another time and we all song surfed with joy! I'm back in my nest and have a bunch of pics, but will probably conk out before I get them posted. I'm gonna see how long I can sleep now. Nothing but love. Nothing. See you tomorrow!



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