Hello there. I'm still absorbing great vibes from witnessing just how good of a band Heart actually is - as I digest the tuesday night jam after the concert, and the fun with T-bone Stone, Paul Biondi & Skip Jones @ The Black Forest in Eugene. Add last night here in Bend. This is all new to me, and I am being welcomed verily. Played a few acoustically at Strictly Organic coffeehouse (thanks Dan), then slid over to the Northside Bar & Grill for some electric blues. Scott, Bobby, Mike, Charlie, Franky, Lacy, Bob, Jeff, Bill, Gary.....and the rest of the names escape me now....thank you so much for accepting me and my old guitar.

Our trip to Portland is bumped til friday. John Dooley and Trish Rigdon will be getting married @ 6pm saturday! We'll spend a couple days meeting folks, shootin' the shit, and no doubt playing music. Trails' End has a blues jam sunday night.




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