OK...I was gonna "p.s." this, but lets put it in front: Details-schmetails, send Shawna, (Ol' What's Her Name) Prayers, Positive Energy, Good Thoughts, or however you do your thang. Garse, Shawna: we all love you and are with you.

     Hey gang! Hope you are doing well and staying out of the cold. If you're in Coos Bay, the Green Spot is open and has cots and hot soup and cookies for those in need. It's located at 2nd & Anderson. Thanks John, Anthony, Richard and all. You guys rock!

     Check this out: I called Mister Orange Jefferson today, and he told me there's an open mic night @ Antone's in Austin, and he lit 'em up good recently. I know he did. He does that. Thats what he does. Oh, I said that....and got word from Studebaker John's PR dept, and we're clear to send them a disc. They wanna know when we will be in Chicago. Hmmmm... Randy Oxford got the discs we sent him and I hope we can jam again sometime. To every one of you guys: Yo! Y'all Rock! Jami, Jered, Skylar, AJ, thanks for the checking-in.... OH, I talked with Charlie, and he's doing fine, and says heyo to you all! Dooley, guess what Charlie had, too....Yup. He's better now and says hello.

     Keep it warm, folks. Will check in a little more when I get hooked up proper. (This message being sent from The Green Spot)

Namaste' BL

p.s. Can you imagine all these guys jamming together?????

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