Had to get out of the crows nest for a walk today, so took a couple of CDs with me to offset the expense of some household things I had to get. First I ran into Rex Miller who's the guy in the white straw cowboy hat you always see working everywhere in town on the landscaping, cleaning, and whatever you can imagine. Schools, the library roof, businesses, everywhere it seems. I was stoked by his energy as he bought a CD, I think just to have a souvenier, and an actual music disk with Bill Jansen on the back cover...... Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout.... I ran directly into Mr. Jeff Marineau, an old Fairfaxian and buddy. He was figgerin' something out for the City of Coos Bay about the building next to the old city hall...you know, across from the Hall building.... He let me share some of my story and I dont think it surprised him really. We all used to be quite amazingly bold and disregarded any authority ya know! He invested in some Elk music, too! Now my short street trek had been paid for as I walked down the alley behind the Lewis apartments where the honorable Tommy Kimm once resided. There aren't a lot of the same buldings left now, but that one's still standing - sorta. Southbound still, I peeked through the cyclone fence and saw another friend. Phil Banry, ex Beat Dragon drummer, another old Elk was heading into the BiMor station to get some cheap smokes. I hollered when he came out that I was the F.B.I. and we are finally rounding up all you former counter-culture freaks that tore this whole place to hell back in the day - anyone associated with the Elkhorn party was going to jail indefinitely. He said he understood and did I have a smoke? He's logging out of Bandon now, and had left his money at home, so we fixed him up for the time being. Oh, he's also drumming for Anthony's band at the Green Spot, and if you know of a good pickup truck for sale, let Phil know, k....... and though he feels as if he's in a play - he is anyway! On to BiMart, quickly eyeing the needles and thread, a new candle and back 'cross town.... you ever seen a crow fly back to the nest? They hardly ever go straight there, just in case any evil-doers may be casing them out, methinks. The Green Spot was quiet and I waited for traffic (believe it or not), and lo and behold I spied a fair maiden! It was Lady Leah Houghton coming out of the salon! No, the barber didn't shave another customer, but her hair looked great! Gathering a loving hug from her, I had enough energy to make it home. That's it - life at the top! [ Once again I want you to help me send out some our your positive energy to O.W.E.N. (ol" whats er name); Also Brian Smith. who I have kept on loose touch with. He's done 9 of his 11 months of treatments, and was headed for the gym tuesday! Also Mike Worthen (Jami's hubby)...and also for Fred Girt. Thanks. Anyone I missed? OK for now then. Namaste' BL

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