Yep, it's real. This morning I was meditating and thought to God: You know, I'm gonna need some BIG help really soon! (seemed like too much stuff to do in too short a time) When I was done, I removed my earplugs, stood and looked out the window and there was a BIG dumptser that had been delivered. I called the real estate office to find out what it was doing there, they called the buyer. He told them that I could put all the stuff I want to throw away in it! As if that wasn't enough help, he also told them that if I didn't get everything out of the house, just leave it, and he will take care of it. The guy that bought this place is a good man. Thanks is all I can say, God. Now, three days to depart. I'm making some CDs because there may be a gap between when I actually drive down Granny & Bud's driveway for the last time, and when I get my computer gear back up and running. A couple more trips to storage tomorrow, then rent an RV space for a month here in good ol' Dog Bay, make sure all systems are operating at LETS ROCK level, and off into the wild blue yonder I ( or "we") GO!

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