Wow, seems like coast weather today in Bend! But, the music's HOT & SUNNY! Don't miss Wed night at Taylor's for a hot acoustic open mic/jam. Filling in for Scott Foxx & Maggie, it's always a fun jam with some of Bend's best musicians! Bring your instrument/amp/voice and plug in! Taylor's Deli & Pub has super delicious food, bring your appetite and we'll munch 'n jam. p.s. All ages are welcome!

Thursday night we'll be hosting the open mic/jam at The Northside B&G. This is a great place to gather and listen to some great music..bring your instruments and let's JAM! The Northside also has some great grits, Taco Thursdays is always fun!

This weekend is Private Party weekend, so taking a break from the Bend music scene...but I'll be back for 6 days straight next week! Baldy's Bend & Redmond, plus Bobby Lindstrom Band will be at the Riverhouse Thurs, then I'll join up with The Rock Hounds Fri/Sat at the Riverhouse. Then Sunday at Taylor's Deli & Pub again. Whoa..too much RAWKIN'!!!

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