Hello everyone! Hope you're well, and if you're not then remember what Granny used to say: "This, too shall pass". I feel like chatting a bit if you don't mind. It's sunday morning and I'm glad to be in ol' Coos Bay. Me and Penny Brown and Mz Bubbalou are gonna kick back a bit today. I got some pics from last sunday. It's a Fairfax reunion that's happening. Inspired and driven and true-to-form by the amazing Joe McCarthy. If the name Fairfax doesn't ring a bell for you, it's the band I was in before Elkhorn. As a matter of fact I was only about (15?) years old and living at my dads truck shop for the summer when Sam Clausen and Joe "kidnapped" me, well, heisted me outta there in the back of a pickup driven by Joe Elam. We were gonna have the best dam rock n roll band ever......and we had to get started... A lotta water has gone under the bridge since then, but last sunday when we re-ignited the music, it all came back and another rehearsal is scheduled for May 2-3. Bill Harsh and Tommy Kimm are on deck for that one, and I hear maybe Dave Smith, too. (He's the original bassist for Fairfax). So, check the photo page and don't worry cuz music has no age....and here it comes again. Thanks for lettin' me share. Love ya - Namaste' BL

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