Hebebbees! I got some new song files (still rough), lyrics and a cool little flash player up. That makes it so you can listen to the music while you cruise around the site. I'm headed to ORCoast Music to return the P.A. Then except Bluesday Nights @ Joe's HT, I'm not booked until New Years Eve. (Homestead) Sooo....My main order of business is back in the studio. I'll head to Portland later this week. What you say? GITRDONE?? OKOK, I hear that. Copy. Got a text from Mike Carrillo yesterday, met up with him and Ol what's her name at Puerta Vallarta for some mexican grits. Turns out it was Tony Calandrino's birthday dinner! Family, bebbees and all. Happy Birthday Tony! Check you all soon - Namaste' BL p.s. Mcfarlins ROCKED saturday night too! -Got some pics for ya soon

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