After 4 days in Portland Recording Studio, I'm sittin' here at Bill's in Oregon City, catching up with my PR and figuring out this new equipment. "Fred Flintstone Drives The USS Enterprise" .......Garse and Ol' Whats 'er name came up last night and we finished tracking the drums, and they're headed back down the coast....Luke Carrillo graced our session; Yorgi's underground today; He nailed the bass tracks last night, and now after a trip to Coos Bay for the BLUESDAY night jam, we'll get the finals touches on for the "Hungry, Cold And Blue" CD. *It's "Waiting For The Bus" songs electrified, plus a couple new ones....If you want one or two or three, let me know and I can set it up. 



*There's a little video preview on the Homepage if you missed it on the way here.....

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